As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Dec. 3, 2019

Episode Transcript

Part One

Russia journalism law
The Russian government  signs a new law designating certain journalists 'foreign agents'. Independent journalist Andrei Soldatov says it's part of an on-going effort to stifle freedom of the press. 

Alberta school bush crash
In central Alberta on Monday, a school bus collided with a truck carrying a construction crane, sending eight to hospital. Eyewitness Adam Kozakiewicz jumped in to help. 

Latin dictionary
Scholars have spent 125 years of painstaking work creating the most authoritative lexicon of ancient Latin ever. And they're still just on the letter R. 

Part Two

Vice editor sentenced
A former music editor at Vice Canada gets 9 years in prison for running a cocaine smuggling ring. We speak with the journalist who broke the story.

Ottawa door knocker
An Ottawa woman is speaking out after she says six residents in one neighbourhood refused to help her teenaged son call home after his phone died.

Part Three

Scotland garbage whales
Researchers who dissected a sperm whale that washed up in Scotland last week found an ocean of trouble inside.

Possum drop
For five days of the year, you can legally do anything to the possums in North Carolina — but wildlife rehabilitator Beth Sparks is trying to change that.