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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Nov. 19, 2019
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Episode Transcript

Part One

Iranian mother reunion
After their father died in prison in Iran, his sons vowed to rescue their mother from a similar fate — and getting Maryam Mombeini to Canada was no easy feat. 

Alberta election commissioner
Alberta's United Conservative government fires the election commissioner who was investigating a possible violation of election finance law by...Alberta's United Conservative Party. 

Little Brönte book
After an auction in Paris, an extremely tiny book written by the extremely great Charlotte Brontë is heading back to England. 

Part Two

Iran protests
Iran shuts down the internet, so news about anti-government protests can't get out — but with so much on the line, our guest is helping Iranian activists get their stories out.

South Dakota meth campaign
South Dakota's methamphetamine awareness campaign has been widely mocked — but a campaign organizer there was method to saying "Meth — We're On It." 

Part Three

Astronaut/chemo study
Jessica Scott has studied how astronauts are affected by their time away from Earth. And she believes a new exercise program for people up there in space could also benefit cancer patients down here. 

Finland dying town
A dying town in Finland comes up with a unique way to get some attention. And the head of the local Pessimist Association explains why he and his neighbours are trying to make Puolanka the best  worst town in the country.