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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

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Part One 

New South Wales fires
Australia's deputy prime minister says only "raving inner-city lunatics" would connect this year's bush fires to climate change — but our guest thinks that's an ignorant response to a volatile situation. 

Dutch repatriation: ISIS
The Netherlands has been told to repatriate 56 children of Dutch women who joined ISIS in Syria — but the government doesn't welcome that decision, and may not welcome them  home. 

Mouse deer sighting
For 30 years, a weird critter with fangs and hooves called the silver-backed chevrotain has been missing — and then one just wandered past a camera in a Vietnamese forest.

Part Two

Myanmar prosecution
Gambia sues Myanmar at the International Court of Justice, accusing it of genocide against Rohingya Muslims — and we'll speak to the Canadian lawyer on the case. 

Roger Stone trial
The longtime political operative Roger Stone is on trial for obstruction of justice and witness tampering — and this time the dirty trickster may not make a clean getaway.

Part Three

Child immigration report
And an organization that works with refugees in Quebec says the federal government isn't living up to its commitment to keep minors out of immigration detention centres, and to keep families together whenever possible. 

Australia reporter
Months after her home was subjected to a police raid, an Australian journalist is in court — challenging the constitutionality of the law that led to that search.