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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Nov. 5, 2019
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Part One 

Mexico Mormon deaths
For more than a century, the LeBaron family has lived in a Mormon community in Mexico — and then, yesterday, gunmen killed 9 members of that family while they were travelling. 

China and Canadian meat
China will once again import Canadian pork, and beef — but Canada's former ambassador to Beijing says says a true diplomatic thaw is not on the menu yet.

Failure study
To succeed, you must fail — but to succeed at failing, neuroscientist Bob Wilson helpfully says, you have to fail only about 15 percent of the time. 

Part Two

Whistleblower anonimity
With the impeachment inquiry into U.S. President Donald Trump dividing the country, a lawyer with the firm representing the original whistleblower says calls to identify their client are dangerous. 

Oakland transit rescue
On Sunday, in Oakland, someone fell on the tracks — into the path of an oncoming transit train. That someone may well owe his life to transit worker John O'Connor. 

Part Three

Calgary care worker
Last month, a Calgary care worker was stabbed to death by a client. Tonight, I'll speak with a friend of the late Deborah Onwu about why she, and many others in the industry, are calling for reforms to make their jobs safer. 

Oklahoma commutations
To reduce high incarceration rates in Oklahoma, the state released more than 450 inmates in a single day. Which was possible because of a bill that reduced some felonies to misdemeanours. We'll speak with the politician who co-authored that bill.