As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Episode transcript

Part One

Federal debate format
Six candidates plus five moderators divided by just two hours equals a federal leaders' debate that communications strategist Elly Alboim describes as one "awesome fail". 

Saturn moons
Scientists find 20 new moons in Saturn's orbit, making it the "moon king" of the solar system — and our guest says there are still more to be found. 

Chicken and egg
Somehow, an egg kept turning up on the bed of a woman in Maine — and then she discovered her six-month-old chicken was sneaking into her house on her nest behaviour. 

Part Two

NBA/China dispute
Torn between preserving its cool reputation and preserving its profits, the NBA goes with "profits" — and trips over itself apologizing to China. 

Sidmouth fatberg
In examining the contents of a fatberg that grew in the sewers near a British retirement town, scientists find a few artefacts specific to the locals — including a set of false teeth. 

Part Three

Plastic sailing eXXpedition
Over the next two years, Emily Penn is sailing around the world with 300 women. The goal is to tackle plastic pollution. And she sees the all-female crews as a gendered solution to a gendered problem. 

Inuktut language
Inuktut — the term for all Inuit dialects — is written in several different ways. But now, a common script has been developed for all nine of these dialects.