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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Sept. 17, 2019
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Part One

Spy arrest
An RCMP official arrested for being a mole has now been linked to a Vancouver man who's done time for his dealings with shady customers — including the Hells Angels and Mexican drug cartels. 

Zimbabwe doctors strike
Medical staff in Zimbabwe are protesting after the alleged abduction of an outspoken union leader — and one doctor tells us it appears state agents were involved in making him disappear. 

Jerry McGuire tape collector
An American art collective has gathered 27 thousand VHS copies of "Jerry Maguire" for a giant, weird project involving a pyramid in the desert. 

Part Two

Election news coverage
Journalists seem very clear on the issues that define this federal election campaign, but a former reporter says they should ask themselves why they're not asking Canadians. 

Colorado trail fight
On a popular path in Colorado, authorities posted signs reminding mountain bikers to be aware of others — prompting the mountain bikers to adopt a policy of passive-aggressive resistance. 

Part Three

B.C. birth alerts
British Columbia has announced it's doing away with birth alerts, a practice that can lead to infants being apprehended in hospital mere hours after they're born — and one that disproportionately affects Indigenous families. 

Nova Scotia dairy bar
For more than 11 thousand days, Jean LeBlanc has kept his Nova Scotia ice cream shop open — whether it was a sunny day, or a full-on snowstorm. Now, he's about to do something unprecedented: put up a "Closed" sign. Just for one day, though. 

Volcano phytoplankton
A new study reveals how incinerating, volcanic ash from Hawaii's Mount Kilauea fuelled an explosion of plant life on the ocean's surface.