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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Sept. 10, 2019
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Part One

Taliban talks dead
U.S. President Donald Trump surprises everyone by announcing that a landmark deal with the Taliban to end the Afghan War is dead — before anyone knew it existed in the first place. 

Robert Frank obit
The late photographer Robert Frank didn't use his camera to show us a fantasy version of the world — he used it to show us the world he saw. 

Calgary half-siblings
Andrea Quint Fleck of Calgary was relieved to find a good hairdresser. And over a number of visits, that hairdresser became a friend. Now, after using a genealogy website, there's a new development in their relationship: she's discovered he's her half-brother. 

Part Two

B.C. carbon tax
New data suggests B.C.'s greenhouse gas emissions didn't dip much during the first decade of its carbon tax — but the province's Environment Minister suggests things would be worse without  that tax. 

BBC WWII resistance
A new project by the BBC shows how the public broadcaster actively worked to spread good cheer — and propaganda — during the Second World War. 

Part Three

Feature: "This is Not Propaganda" author Peter Pomerantsev
In his book, reporting from the front lines of the "the war on truth," Peter Pomerantsev says reality itself has become a slippery concept — and some slippery customers are responsible.