As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Aug. 20, 2019

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Part One

Jack Letts: Father
After the UK renounces his citizenship, the former ISIS fighter known as "Jihadi Jack" is just a Canadian citizen — and his father tells us his son should be allowed to come home. 

White Supremacist Reservist
Patrik Mathews is an army reservist with explosives training who's now being investigated by the military and the RCMP, after the Winnipeg Free Press identifies him as a recruiter for a global neo-Nazi group. 

Butter Sculpture
One photograph from Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition exposes the truth: the wholesome world of butter sculpture may be a rancid pit of deception. 

Part Two

Buy Canada
One American professor thinks it's ridiculous that President Trump wants to buy Greenland — when there's a nice property with a huge yard called "Canada," just to the north of the U.S., that he should buy instead. 

Detained Consular Worker 
An employee of the UK Consulate in Hong Kong goes missing in China, and is believed to be in detention — and our guest says that's meant to send a not-so-secret message to protesters.