As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Aug. 6, 2019

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Part One

Dayton shooting: Ohio senator
After the killings in Dayton, and facing pressure from voters, the Ohio governor announces new gun-control measures — but a state senator says getting those measures passed will be close to impossible. 

Toni Morrison obit
The late Toni Morrison wrote stories that hadn't been told in a voice no one had ever heard before — and tonight, a longtime friend and collaborator shares her own stories of the person behind the brilliant books. 

RCMP pot search
A BC woman opens her home to a local garden tour, only to have it raided later by police — because she had three cannabis plants, which is legal, but they were "visible from a public place," which, weirdly, is not. 

Part Two

Mogadishu mayor killed
The mayor of Mogadishu dies after a terrorist bombing at his office — and an advisor tells us she hasn't just lost a friend, she's losing hope for the future of the city. 

Whisky tongue
A new artificial tongue isn't just silent after a lot of whisky — it's also much more accurate at tasting whisky than the gross, sloppy ones we store in our human mouths.