As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

July 16, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Democrats at the Border
A U.S. Congresswoman says she won't allow her president's Twitter attacks distract her from exposing the truth about his administration's cruel treatment of children on their southern border.

Apollo 11 Audio
A Canadian space enthusiast compiles all eleven-thousand hours of astronaut chatter in real time. And then shares that audio so anyone can listen in.

Part Two

Egypt Pyramids
Egypt re-opens the ancient Bent Pyramid to the public. And an egyptologist who worked on the project says the place may be famous for its off-kilter construction, but what she remembers is the smell.

From Our Archives: Steepest Hill
It was a cliff-hanger but today the Guinness people took away the record for the steepest street away from a New Zealand town and gave it to a place in Wales that's celebrating with sheer delight. 

Oil Spill Sentencing
A judge fines the company responsible for spilling 100,000 litres of diesel into the waters off Bella Bella 3 years ago. But a Heiltsuk tribal councilor says the cost to her community will continue for years to come.