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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

July 2, 2019
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Part One

Canada Sudan Lobbying
Amnesty International asks the Canadian government to investigate whether a controversial lobbyist violated sanctions when he cut a deal with Sudan's military council.

Lebanon Refugee Homes
On Monday, the Lebanese army demolished at least 20 concrete shelters in Syrian refugee camps — and our guest says that's another traumatic loss for people who've already lost so much. 

Florida Shark Drone
While taking an overhead photo with a drone on a Florida beach, a photographer sees an ominous silhouette in the water: it was a shark. 

Part Two

Dutch Holocaust Compensation 
The state-run rail company in the Netherlands accepts responsibility for working with the Nazis to transport Dutch Jews to camps — and agrees to pay millions to make amends. 

Ottawa University Paper
Over the weekend, someone hacked a University of Ottawa student paper — wiping out its entire archive. It was a targeted attack. But the paper's editor-in-chief describes it as an attack on the entire journalism ecosystem. 

Genealogy Guilty Verdict
Using a technique called "genetic genealogy", Washington detectives solved the 32-year-old case of a murdered Canadian couple — and found a killer police had never suspected.