As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

June 18, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Trans Mountain Pipeline
Prime Minister Trudeau gives his government's Trans Mountain pipeline the green light — but our guest promises her Vancouver-area First Nation won't stop fighting. 

Bill 21 Schools
The head of Quebec's English school boards tells us enforcing the province's new law banning religious garb in the workplace won't just be difficult — it will be immoral. 

Penny Pyramid
The world gasps as an Arizona man reveals a project he's been working on for three years: a glorious, record-breaking pyramid, made up of more than a million U.S. pennies. 

Part Two

MMIWG: Lillian Dyck
For years, Senator Lillian Dyck has pushed for stiffer penalties for people who commit violent crimes against Indigenous women — and the feds are finally following her advice. 

Pierre Trudeau CSIS
Historians are shocked that Pierre Trudeau's secret file was destroyed by Canada's intelligence service — which claims it just didn't meet the criteria to keep it around. 

Part Three

Gilles Duceppe Coroner Report
A Montreal coroner looks at the series of mistakes that lead to the death of Gilles Duceppe's mother, who froze to death outside her care home this January. And now, Mr. Duceppe's family is considering legal action. 

Killifish Study 
It's "no guts, no glory" for the eggs of the colourful killifish — which can survive a trip through a swan's digestive system, and come out of that feathered rear end, ready to hatch.