As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

May 28, 2019

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Part One

Data Privacy
In Ottawa, international politicians have gathered to grill tech giants — but one NDP MP says it's time to stop asking questions and start taking action against surveillance capitalism.

Ride Crash Anniversary
The founder of a charity ride is back behind the handlebars again — one year after a deadly collision killed one of his fellow riders. 

Elizabeth May: Oil
Green Party leader Elizabeth May's climate-change plan involves 20 years of embracing Canadian  oil, and rejecting foreign imports — and the Conservatives are piping up in support.

Part Two

Wrongful Pregnancy
What not to expect when you don't expect to be expecting. An Ontario couple sues a Toronto hospital — because she says she didn't get the tubal ligation she wanted, and then she got pregnant.

Sweden ISIS Court
Sweden's interior minister says its time for a new international criminal court to try the war crimes perpetrated in the name of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Part Three

Kawhi Leonard Coach
A lot of high school basketball coaches see greatness in their players. Tim Sweeney felt so strongly about one player, in fact, that he called up his dad to tell him the young man would make the NBA. Which seems maybe ill-advised — except that the young player was Kawhi Leonard. 

UNHCR Refugees 
The UN asks Canada to help ease Mexico's refugee burden by taking in some of its most vulnerable asylum seekers.