As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

May 21, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Alberta Fires
The wildfires in northern Alberta are enormous, dangerous, and growing — so our guest is grateful that her family are safe, and that her neighbours stepped in to save her animals. 

Niki Lauda Obit
The late Niki Lauda was back on the track just weeks after nearly dying in a 1976 crash — just one example of the scope of the Formula 1 driver's talent and tenacity. 

Wasp Sting Diagnosis
For six months, every doctor John Wright saw about his pain missed the point, until one found it: a stinger, that was embedded in his neck the whole time. 

Part Two

Nunavut Food Insecurity
A new study finds that more households in Nunavut than ever are short on nutritious, affordable food — eight years after Ottawa created a program to solve that problem. 

Forensics Field
Shari Forbes is the director of Canada's first "body farm" — where forensics experts will note what happens to dead people in their de-composition books. 

Part Three

Radio-Canada Investigation: Migrants
For years, the Canadian government has spent millions on a project with one explicit goal: cracking down on human smugglers. But a Radio-Canada investigative reporter suggests there was another goal that was a lot less public: discouraging migrants from reaching Canada. 

Moa Footprints 
While taking his boss's dogs for a swim in New Zealand, a truck driver discovers the perfectly preserved footprints of an ancient flightless bird called a "moa."