As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Episode Transcript

Part One

Syria hospital | A Syrian surgeon describes treating an overflow of casualties as wave after wave of airstrikes destroy the health centres of Idlib. 

Northwest passage | During a speech on global security and global warming, the US Secretary of State revives a gripe about Canada's sovereignty over the Northwest Passage.

Encore: Jean Vanier | A tribute to Jean Vanier, who's faith in humanity inspired a international network of homes where disabled and non-disabled people live side-by-side. 

Part Two

Insulin caravan | A self-described 'caravan' of American diabetics says they're crossing into Canada to buy insulin at a fraction of the price.

Jean Vanier obit | The author Ian Brown describes how Mr Vanier made it possible for him to recognize the gift of of being able to share his life with his disabled son. 

Part Three

Asylum seekers report | Canada's asylum-seeker caseload faces a mounting backlog with a processing system that results in chronic delays and lax criminality checks — according to a report from the auditor general.

Flying turtle | A South Carolina motorist describes the moment when he went from driving down the highway to watching his windshield shatter into smithereens. But he says the real surprise came when he found the flying turtle that nearly took him out.