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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

April 16, 2019
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Part One

Notre-Dame: Reporter
The first reporter to enter Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris after yesterday's fire is staggered to see the crucifix on the altar still standing in the ruins. 

Thunder Bay Threats
 A high school in Thunder Bay, Ontario was empty of students again today — after the fourteenth anonymous threat in nine weeks. 

Shorts Guys
A University of Illinois student in shorts realizes his outfit could get him kicked out of class — when a stranger gives him the greatest gift of all: his own pants. 

Part Two

Pulitzer: Capital Gazette
They'd trade their losses for this win. Maryland's Capital Gazette receives a special Pulitzer award for covering the attack on its own newsroom — which killed five people. 

Equality Loonie
A new dollar coin will celebrate 50 years since Canada partially decriminalized homosexuality — but historians say that glosses over the truth about the struggle for gay rights. 

Part Three

Notre-Dame: Fundraising
People have pledged millions to rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral since yesterday's fire. But our guest says he approached some of those big donors to renovate the church before  the fire — and they weren't feeling so generous. 

Montreal Councillor: Bill 21 
Two solitudes in a single province — as Montreal City Council votes unanimously to declare its opposition to Quebec's religious symbols ban.