As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

April 9, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Sudan protests
Fadia is among the protesters in Sudan who are defying tear gas, live ammunition, and sweltering heat to demand the resignation of their president. 

Stephen Miller's uncle
Stephen Miller is the hardline advisor behind U.S. President Trump's increasingly tough border rhetoric — but Mr. Miller's uncle tells us he does not stand behind his nephew. 

Claire's piercings
Raylene Marks of Edmonton quits her job at a jewellery shop, because she felt concerned about the ethics of piercing children's ears without their consent. 

Part Two

Louisiana church fires
Sheryl Richard is searching for answers, after her church was one of three black Baptist churches burned down in one Louisiana parish. And it may have been racially-motivated arson. 

Yemen school blast
A blast near two schools in Yemen leaves 14 young children dead — which UNICEF says will increase fear among parents about sending their children to school.

Part Three

Brazil textbooks
Brazil has a plan to reframe some major historical events in school textbooks. And the son of a journalist tortured and killed during the country's 20-year military dictatorship does not want that dictatorship characterized as a, quote, "democratic regime by force". 

Dad synchronized swimmer
At first, Christian Gosselin and his fellow fathers were just at the pool to watch their daughters practice synchronized swimming. Now, he and the dads have formed their own team.