As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

March 12, 2019
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Part One

Tina Fontaine Report
Manitoba's child advocate says the system failed Tina Fontaine for years before her death at the age of 15 — and hearing her story again re-opens old wounds for our guest's community. 

Brexit Tuesday Vote
Yet again, British Prime Minister's plan for leaving the EU is decisively rejected by Parliament — and with the deadline 19 days away, the UK might have to deal with no deal. 

Rachel Cliff
Rachel Cliff says she knew she was on track to break the Canadian women's marathon record when she saw her coach's face 34-kilometres in — but she still had 8 K to go. 

Part Two

RCMP Racism
Amid new allegations of anti-black racism in the RCMP, a retired staff sergeant describes the abuse he suffered and witnessed — ranging from slurs to sidelined careers. 

NZ Farmer Drones
A New Zealand farmer has high hopes for his new high-tech sheepdog, a drone — which is proving extremely efficient, once the animals get used to it.  

Part Three

Ethiopia Crash: Brampton Family
In an instant, six members of the same family spanning three generations were gone. We'll speak with a friend of the family from Brampton, Ontario — a city stunned by the loss after Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines crash. 

South African Sunflower Murder
The sentencing of two white farmers in South Africa for the killing of a black teen may calm some tensions in the community — but it will leave a scar.

Nanaimo Soup Kitchen 
A Nanaimo couple's soup kitchen is serving about 150 homeless and low-income diners every night. Now, though, they've been forced to tear down the wooden dining hall on their property — and they may be facing eviction.