As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Feb. 26, 2019
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Part One

India Pakistan escalation
India says its jets destroyed a terrorist cell in Kashmir with extreme precision — but a columnist in Pakistan says the bombing raid doesn't appear to have hit anything significant at all. 

Stranded train
For more than 36 hours, dozens of passengers were trapped on an Amtrak train, stopped in its tracks in a snowstorm — and our guest explains how she got some exercise in the futility. 

Canadian comedian Sandra Battaligni
Just For Laughs takes over a satellite radio station devoted to comedy — and Canadian stand-ups say the idea that that will be good for them is a joke. 

Part Two

Corbyn second referendum
British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tentatively endorses a second Brexit referendum — but "Remainers" remain skeptical about the Brextent of the party's commitment to the idea. 

P.E.I. husky owner
People keep complaining that a PEI couple is leaving their husky mix outside — so they've taken action against those who hound them. 

Part Three

Cardinal Pell
Today, the world finally heard that Cardinal George Pell — once the third most senior figure in the Vatican, and the most senior Catholic in Australia — is guilty of child sexual abuse. Paul Achettl was abused by a priest in the Australian Catholic church, and is a former family friend of Cardinal George Pell.

London Underground posters
Transport for London — which runs the city's transit system — has a new ban on advertisements for junk food. If it's got too much salt, fat, or sugar, you won't see an ad for it. And our guest believes it could actually help curb childhood obesity.