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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Feb. 19, 2019
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Part One

Nova Scotia fire deaths
They were supposed to be out of danger. But this morning, in Halifax, an early-morning fire destroyed the home of a family of Syrian refugees — and killed all seven children. 

France cemetery vandalism
Vandals deface dozens of tombstones in a Jewish cemetery in France — and some critics blame the yellow-vest movement for fuelling rising anti-Semitism. 

Lagerfeld obit
Karl Lagerfeld saw the world through dark-coloured glasses — but there was more to the late fashion designer than a stylish persona.

Part Two

B.C. Facebook rescue
During a medical emergency, a BC couple living off-the-grid can't call 911 — but the response from social media proves they can depend on the kindness of virtual  strangers. 

SNC Lavalin: Butts latest
Now that the PM's right-hand man has moved on, the government would like to do the same — but the opposition doesn't believe Gerald Butts' resignation has cleared anything up. 

Part Three

No priest extradiction
Several people in Nunavut say a French priest assaulted them decades ago. So they're shocked to learn that the Canadian government has stayed sexual abuse charges against Father Johannes Rivoire. In 2017 — without announcing the decision. 

Skiplagging case
The German airline Lufthansa is suing a passenger for skipping the last leg of a trip. It's called "skiplagging", and our guest says it's a great way to lower your airfare — but it can also be a risky gamble. 

France fencing
France's Fencing Federation officially recognizes light-sabre duelling — yes, the kind from "Star Wars" — and attracts a lot of Luke-alikes.