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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Feb. 5, 2019
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Part One

Train accident
Three rail workers are dead after a train derailed in BC on Monday — and now, the Transportation Safety Board says it just started rolling on its own. 

Yazidi harassment
Former ISIS sex slaves who've settled in Canada have already suffered immeasurably — and now, someone is targeting the Yazidi women with threatening text messages and phone calls. 

USB seal
Researchers in New Zealand are looking for the owner of a USB drive that somehow wound up inside a seal — and made its way out in the usual fashion. 

Part Two

Venezuela oil tankers
Amid political and economic chaos in Venezuela, more and more ships that usually transport oil to and from that country are just floating in the Gulf of Mexico. 

New island
Years after he saw an island form after a volcanic eruption via satellite, Dan Slayback pays an actual visit to the formation — and reflects on its rise to prominence. 

Part Three

Australia flooding
A drought in Townsville, Australia, ends dramatically, and disastrously, when more than a metre of rain falls in just ten days — and there's more in the forecast. 

Flamingo rescue
Thousands of baby flamingos had to be airlifted to places across the country after their breeding ground ran dry.