As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Jan. 29, 2019


Part One

Bruce McArthur guilty
A friend of one of Bruce McArthur's victims says he feel some relief — but also anger and regret — after the serial killer pleads guilty to murdering eight men who had connections to Toronto's Gay Village.

Joshua Tree update
You'd hope people who visit Joshua Tree National Park would respect nature, especially during the U.S. government shutdown — but climber Rand Abbott says you should abandon all hope about those who entered there. 

Part Two

Afghan peace deal
U.S. officials suggest talks with the Taliban are progressing — but if a peace deal is reached, women in Afghanistan worry about what will happen to their rights. 

Brandon Bob
Come February second, groundhogs in various places will predict the upcoming weather in the usual fashion. But the one in Brandon, Manitoba, has a talent that's just unreal. Not because "Brandon Bob" is great at forecasts. But because that groundhog does not exist, and never has. 

Part Three

Brazil dam collapse
Five people are arrested in Brazil, after the collapse of a dam buries part of a city in mud — and while the death toll stands at 65, hundreds of people are still missing.

Yorkshire dictionary
If you've been to Yorkshire — or just read James Herriot — you know they have a distinctive way of talking there. Now, a new online dictionary catalogues more than 4000 words specific to the region — with an accent on preservation.