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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Jan. 15, 2019
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Episode transcript

Part One

Brexit vote
After Theresa May's Brexit plan suffers a death-blow in Parliament an opposition MP says the secret to the British PM'S survival is for her to call a second referendum.

Saudi national flees
A Saudi national facing charges in Nova Scotia seems to have disappeared, despite having his passport confiscated to address fears he would flee the country.

Welsh steep hill
A town in Wales predicts declining fortunes for their New Zealand competition as the two go measure for measure in the competition to find the world's steepest street.

Part Two

International Criminal Court (I.C.C.) acquittal
The International Criminal Court stuns observers as it tells the Ivory Coast's former strongman that he's free to go on charges of crimes against humanity.

Stem cell match
A Montreal woman flies to the United Kingdom to meet the man whose decision to donate a bit of his bone marrow saved her from a rare autoimmune disease.

Part Three

Nairobi attack
After gunmen set off explosions at a hotel and office complex in Nairobi, we hear from a witness who describes what it was like to scramble desperately to find his way to safety.

Gdansk mayor killed
A Polish woman who works with migrants remembers the mayor of Gdansk as a man who believed in meeting his citizens with open arms. He was killed after being stabbed while on stage at a charity concert last weekend.