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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Dec. 11, 2018
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Part One

China: Canadian detained
After a former Canadian diplomat is arrested in Beijing, our guest says it's time to hit Chinese elites where it hurts: by withdrawing the Canadian officials stamping visitors visas for Vancouver and Toronto. 

Alberta oil letters
Cheap oil is hurting the small town of Drayton Valley, Alberta -- so residents have banded together to ask the federal government for action on pipelines. 

Human dreidel
Performance artist managed to connect with even the surliest New York commuters over Hanukkah -- by spinning around in the subway dressed as a human dreidel.

Part Two

Brexit: European Union
Still stinging from a rebellion at home, British PM Theresa May travels to The Continent -- only to face the scorn of European leaders who won't re-open her Brexit deal. 

Border TV shows
Anything to declare? Well, yes: Canada Border Services declares it may be rebooting its reality-TV show -- but our guest says that the reality is that that's a bad idea. 

Part Three

Himalayan climbers
In 1988, a Scottish mountaineer was climbing a peak in the Himalayas when two of his fellow climbers disappeared. 30 years later, their remains have finally been found. Tonight, Steve Aisthorpe tells us about that fateful climb -- and what this discovery means after all this time.     

Imprisoned McGill student
Niloufar Bayani was arrested in Iran 10 months ago. Charged, among other things, with "corruption on Earth". But no trial date has been set for the conservation biologist. Now her friends and fellow scientists are demanding she be released.