As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Nov. 27, 2018

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Part One

Hassan Al Kontar
After seven months stuck in a Malaysian airport, unable to fly out, and then two more in a detention centre, Hassan Al Kontar has finally landed in Canada. 

Manafort 'lies'
Paul Manafort is accused of lying repeatedly to authorities, violating a plea deal he signed — and now, the deal, and the gloves, are off. 

Belsnickel memory
Amid widespread confusion, one listener has the photos to prove it was once a festive tradition in part of Nova Scotia to go door-to-door, freaking out your neighbours with creepy masks. 

Part Two

Alberta oil: C.E.O.
With oil sands crude selling at deep discounts on the world market, the C.E.O. of Calgary's Total Energy Services says he's shutting down his Canadian branches, and moving those jobs south.

Chess tournament
Every game in the World Chess Championship has ended in a draw — which, for the two best players on Earth, means the start of a whole new check-mating dance. 

Part Three

Facebook: Bob Zimmer
Canadian MP Bob Zimmer was among the international lawmakers in London to question Mark Zuckerberg today — but they found themselves facing a stand-in for the Facebook C.E.O. 

Irish peat bogs
An Irish company says it's going to going to get out of the peat-harvesting business. But environment activists say that's too little too late. And that the company's business practices contradict its new persona as climate champion.