As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Oct. 23, 2018

Part One

Carbon pricing: Provinces
An Ontario Conservative accuses the PM of trying to buy votes — but Justin Trudeau insists the carbon cash he'll give Canadians is just an incentive to do the right thing by our planet. 

Oshawa mayor-elect Dan Carter
After years spent homeless, he defeated his addictions — and last night, Dan Carter also defeated his opponents to become the new mayor of Oshawa, Ontario. 

Headless chicken monster
An Australian researcher's undersea camera beams back pictures of a stunning pink blob known — pardon the scientific term — as the "Headless Chicken Monster". 

Part Two

Palestinian Human Rights Watch report
147 people spoke with Human Rights Watch about the actions of Palestinian Security Forces — and painted a horrifying picture of critics and opponents being routinely arrested and tortured. 

Psychic witchcraft charge
An Ontario woman who put the "con" in "conjurer" is charged with bilking her victims out of tens of thousands — oh, and she's also charged with "witchcraft". 

Part Three

Oldest shipwreck
On the floor of the Black Sea, archaeologists discover a phenomenally well-preserved sunken Greek ship — that's been resting there for about 2400 years. 

Joachim Ronneberg obit
His assignment involving parachuting, skiing, and things blowing up. Far-fetched as it sounds, it was real. And a Norwegian Second World War resistance fighter's success on that mission may have prevented Nazi Germany from developing weapons of mass destruction. 

Dead sea flakes
The Museum of the Bible in Washington announces that 5 priceless fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls — which were at the centre of its collections —aren't worth the paper they're printed on.