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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Oct. 16, 2018
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Part One

Solitary confinement bill
Ottawa says it's ending solitary confinement in federal prisons — but after looking at the proposal, the head of the John Howard Society says she's not sure that will really improve prisoners' lives. 

Khashoggi: latest
More than a week after allegations that Saudi assassins murdered Jamal Khashoggi, U.S. President Trump says the crown prince doesn't know what happened — and the prince himself is saying nothing. 

Marijuana: Newfoundland seller
Just after midnight, a small cannabis store in Newfoundland — sort of a mom-and-pot shop — plans to be the first to sell legal weed in Canada, before the big guys roll up. 

Part Two

Hurricane Michael: volunteer
A volunteer rescuer in Florida says people on the margins of society are suffering the most after Hurricane Michael — their trailers destroyed, and their access to aid limited. 

Hawking predictions
In his last book, the late Stephen Hawking responds to questions he was asked during his life — addressing trivial matters like "is there a god?" 

Part Three

Marijuana: Richard Hatfield trial
New Brunswick's official provincial pot stores will be open soon. And with that in the near future, we'll go back 24 years in the past — to the time when the province's former premier, Richard Hatfield, was tried for possession, after the RCMP found weed in his suitcase. 

Nigerian Canada Border Services Agency (C.B.S.A.) death
It's been more than two months since a Nigerian man died while being deported from Calgary — and his family says they are no closer to finding out how he died, or even being able to bury his body.