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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018
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Part One

USMCA: Kim Campbell
Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland helped make the U-S-M-C-A a done deal — and former PM Kim Campbell explains why she was rooting for her all along. 

Nobel Prize Winner
Just before dawn today, Waterloo University prof Donna Strickland picked up her phone — and learned her work with lasers had made her just the third woman in history to win the Nobel Prize in Physics. 

CERN Scientist Reaction
In a speech, an Italian physicist claims male scientists are discriminated against because of ideology — and a female scientist, who was in the audience, says he doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. 

Part Two

Quebec Election: CAQ
For the first time, the Coalition Avenir Quebec - C-A-Q - wins a majority — and tonight, one of the winning candidates tells us no one should panic about its approach to immigration. 

Kavanaugh: Mitchell Memo
In a memo, prosecutor Rachel Mitchell tells Republican Senators she wouldn't bring criminal charges against Brett Kavanaugh — and one lawyer who worked under her says she jumped to the wrong conclusion. 

Part Three

Indonesia Tsunami Warning
It hit Indonesia without warning. But one day, it won't. I'll speak with a professor who spent years working on an early tsunami-detection system. She says it will save lives in the future — but that funding constraints have left installation of the warning system in limbo. 

Cats vs. Rats 
A researcher shares an unexpected discovery: in the battle between cats and rats in New York City, the rodents appear to be winning.