As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018
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Part One

Cosby sentence
A judge says the evidence agaisnt Bill Cosby was "overwhelming" — and sentences the former star to at least 3 years in prison for sexual assault. 

Concordia engineer
For the first time in Canada, an engineering faculty is named for a woman: Gina Cody. 

David A Robertson
Cree author David A. Robertson is stunned to find one of his works about residential schools was on the Edmonton Public School Board's "Books to Weed Out" list. 

Part Two

Romeo Saganash
In Question Period today, Indigenous NDP MP Romeo Saganash asked a question about the Trans Mountain pipeline — and what he sees as the federal government's decision to push ahead to complete the project, despite concerns from Indigenous groups. That's when he used the F-word.

Israel art exhibit
A new virtual-reality art exhibition in Jerusalem invites you into the very different lives of a Palestinian family and an Israeli family — uniting them in one divided room.

Part Three

New Brunswick election
After a hard-fought campaign, New Brunswickers voted — and, and some point, one party will probably have won last night's election. If I sound vague and uncertain, well, so do the leaders of the Tories and the Liberals — because, so far, it's unclear who'll be in power. 

Newspaper report
A new report provides an appalling tally of the victims of sexual abuse in Germany's Catholic Church — but our guest says he and many other survivors weren't taken into account.