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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018

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Part One

Gay refugee couple
They left their unsafe homelands, and spent years waiting in Turkey to have their asylum claim accepted — and now, finally, a gay refugee couple is safe in Vancouver. 

New Yorker: Steve Bannon
The New Yorker cancels a controversial live interview with former Trump advisor Steve Bannon — but The Economist says he'll still be a guest at its public event, so our guest says she won't be. 

Worst bus stop
There are four contenders left for worst bus stop in North America — and even if you've got the fare, the one in British Columbia is seriously no fair.   

Part Two

Microwave attacks
Remember the mysterious symptoms that afflicted North American diplomats in China and Cuba? Our guest says she's found the cause: microwave radiation. 

Dorothy's shoes
The FBI held a press conference to announce the recovery of a pair of those sparkly ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz" — which were stolen from a museum more than ten years ago. 

Part Three

Apartment fire
Fifteen hundred people were forced out of a Toronto apartment building by a fire. One resident says he's not just horrified by that disaster — he's horrified by the city's response. 

Language inventor
UBC Okanagan anthropology prof Christine Schreyer is the go-to person when Hollywood needs a real-sounding made-up language. She'll tell us about her own words, in her own words.