As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018

Part One

Genoa Bridge Collapse
At least twenty people are dead after a bridge in Genoa, Italy, collapses during a storm — and our guest will bring us the latest from the shattered city. 

Ukraine Sniper Rifles
The owner of a Winnipeg company says he's proud of the sniper rifles it makes, and proud of a deal that will see those high-end weapons heading to fighters in Ukraine.   

Paris Urinals
Paris is famous for its historic fountains, but the new ones are a lot less popular so far — because they're just guys emptying their bladders into the city's new wall-less, open-air urinals. 

Part Two

Chicago Bait Truck
In Chicago, a so-called "bait truck" full of fancy shoes was intended to lure thieves — but the short-lived sting operation leaves the black community where that truck was parked feeling stung. 

Hotel Fire Rescue 
On their way home after a performance in Saskatchewan, four comedians spotted a motel on fire — and the kicker is, they got everyone out and extinguished the fire before emergency services showed up. 

Trash Crows
A helpful little murder. There's a new cleaning crew at a busy French theme park, made up entirely of crows — and it's no fly-by-night operation. Because, you know, they're not nocturnal.