As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday July 10, 2018

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Part One

Thailand: Chilean Miners
All members of the boys' soccer team who were trapped in a cave in Thailand are out, and safe — and our guest has some insight into what they could face now. 

Greyhound Update
The end of Greyhound service in Western Canada has one Manitoba Grand Chief prescribing a new plan for getting sick people in northern communities to the health care services they need. 

Stolen Rental Car
A woman in Cornwall, Ontario leaves a rental place with one vehicle, and returns two weeks later with another — to learn she's unwittingly become the prime suspect in a stolen-car case. 

Part Two

If he's confirmed, U.S. President Trump's pick will become Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — but our guest has a different honorific for him: "Lord Voldemort". 

Tractor Death 
All they wanted was to drive home a friendly point. But a tractor trip across Canada in support of their fellow dairy farmers ends tragically for a couple from Ontario — when an accident kills one, and injures the other.