As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Part One

North Korea "Deal"
After their summit, U.S. President Donald Trump says he has "a very special bond" with North Korea's Kim Jong-Un — but the vagueness of their deal has some worried it's little more than a junk bond. 

Homeless Inquest
  In the winter of 2015, Grant Faulkner died trying to keep warm, when his makeshift hut caught on fire — and now, an inquest into his death will examine how homeless people are treated in Toronto. 

Devon Clothesline
When a woman in the UK gets a letter asking her to stop hanging her laundry out to dry, her neighbours join a kind of boxer rebellion — and hang their own underwear out in support. 

Part Two

G7 Trade Latest
Our guest says that if Donald Trump follows through on his threats to Canada's car industry, he'll eliminate hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

Spy Cam Protest
More than 20,000 women take to the streets in Seoul, to tell South Korean men and law enforcement they're done with being recorded by hidden cameras. 

Part Three

Yemen Red Cross
They were there to save people from famine, and disease. Now, they've left — because they had to save themselves. A Red Cross worker explains what finally forced the agency to pull its foreign staff out of Yemen. 

SCOTUS Salmon Ruling
"The right to take fish" was written into an 1855 treaty between tribes in Washington state and the government. This week, it was affirmed by the U-S Supreme Court. The Chairman of the Lummi Nation tells us about his efforts to bring salmon back to their waters. 

Baobab Trees
They're stout, and tall, and can live for thousands of years. But something is causing baobab trees in southern Africa to rot and split, and die. And scientists are struggling to determine what's killing them.