As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
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Part One

Rex Tillerson Fired
Donald Trump replaces his top diplomat with the head of the CIA — a sign, says our guest, of just how badly the US President likes to be liked. 

Illegal Fishing
Conservationists believe fishermen are plundering protected waters, after watching their digital signals sailing toward fragile sites and then seeing the vessels "go dark." 

Angry Trappists
A Belgian grocery chain finds itself in the cross-hairs of some angry monks after the brothers bust them for trying to cash in on their abbey's not-for-profit beer.   

Part Two

Trump Wall
As Donald Trump tours prototypes for his promised Mexican wall we hear from an expert who thinks it's an approach to immigration that borders on the ridiculous. 

Otter Attack
Turn the otter cheek? Not this otter.  A Florida kayaker finds herself forced to fend off a furry-ous attack armed with nothing more than her bare hands and a paddle.  

Part Three

Air Pocket Brain
A doctor in Northern Ireland peers deep into his patient's head and finds that the man is living with a giant pocket of air where the rest of us — we hope — have brains. 

Standing Desk Study
A recent study shows that standing desks aren't standing up to the test. We'll hear about the desks that aim to improve ergonomics in the office, but seem to be failing.

Encore: Museum of Failure
We'll revisit our interview with Samuel West — a Swedish psychologist who has taken on the noble task of cataloguing the corporate world's worst ideas with his Museum of Failure.