As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

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Part One

Oxfam Follow
While ostensibly helping in Haiti, members of Oxfam staff committed shocking acts of sexual misconduct — and tonight, the NGO's executive director apologizes, and promises it won't happen again. 

Marijuana Opioid Study
While the U.S. Attorney-General claims cannabis is partly responsible for the opioid epidemic, our guest says the opposite: access to medical marijuana could lead to a decrease  in opioid overdoses. 

Fort Mac Lottery Win
In 2016, Bill and Carrie Pendergast lost almost everything in the Fort McMurray wildfire — and now they've won a better-than-consolation prize, in a million-dollar lottery. 

Part Two

Curling Club
Canada wins the first-ever gold medal in mixed doubles curling, losing only one game on the way — and our guest welcomes that victory, before she'll welcome one of the victors home. 

Homeless Reunion
A Toronto police officer's social-media post let a Cape Breton woman know that her long-lost son was still alive — and sent her on a journey to the big city to try and get him help. 

Part Three

Break-In Friendship
The person who burgled your house comes to your door. Do you a) invite them in for egg nog and gingersnaps? Or b)... Well, whatever  b) is, most of us would pick that. But a Winnipeg woman chose that first option. And tonight, she'll tell us what happened next. 

Goat Caddie
At one Oregon golf course, the caddies know nothing about whether you should use a nine-iron or a badminton racquet. But they'll be content to hang out with you, provided you let them eat everything. And, really, that's all you'd expect from goat caddies.