As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Feb. 6. 2018

Episode transcript

Part One

Marilou McPhedran
Sexual harassment is still a serious problem on Parliament Hill — so independent senator Marilou McPhedran is offering independent help to women with a complaint. 

Taiwan Earthquake
Just before midnight, the coastal city of Hualien, Taiwan, is hit with a six-point-four magnitude earthquake — and a British traveler tells us what she experienced. 

Trudeau: "Peoplekind"
The Prime Minister recently coined the word "Peoplekind." He intended it to be a gender-neutral substitute for mankind — and our guest is among those who are taking people kindly to it.

Part Two

Quebec Air Ambulance Policy
Pediatricians in Quebec urge the government to let parents board air ambulances with their sick kids — and our guest testifies to the heartbreak of being left behind when a child is medevac-ed without you.  

Marbled Crayfish
The shellfish gene. In the case of the miraculous, scary marbled crayfish, the future is female — because it reproduces without a mate, and it's cloning itself with remarkable speed. 

Part Three

Marijuana Senate Hearings
There are new questions about whether the government will have its full marijuana legalization policy in place by July 1st — and we talk to the Conservative senator who's fighting to have it delayed. 

Poland Holocaust Bill
Certain words are now a crime to utter in Poland. Today, the Polish president signed a bill into law that makes it illegal to accuse the Polish nation of complicity in the Holocaust — or even to say the words "Polish Death Camp."