As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018

Episode transcript

Part One

Cornwallis Statue
The City of Halifax votes to put the statue of its founder in storage — and the Mi'kmaq historian who raised the issue of Edward Cornwallis's racist record 30 years ago is celebrating. 

Colten Boushie Trial
At a murder trial for a Saskatchewan farmer, family of Colten  Boushie — the deceased — are upset that there are no Indigenous members of the jury.

Tortoise Found 
Six months after her disappearance, a family pet turns up just a few hundred metres away — which means she was going top speed all the way, because the pet is a tortoise. 

Part Two

Afghan Airline
The pilot who runs Afghanistan's biggest airline talks about last weekend's Taliban attack that killed nine of his colleagues — and left his company's future up in the air. 

Bridget Lawless Award 
Too often in whodunits, whoever did it did it to a woman — so a British author has started a book prize to honour thriller novels that don't turn female characters into victims. 

Part Three

Iran Protest
In Iran, women are taking off their head scarves in public — and tonight, we'll speak with the organizer of an online movement to fight the country's mandatory dress code. 

Snow Mayor
After some winter weather, the mayor of a Montreal borough sends out crews to clear the snow — but because he didn't clear the clearing with city officials, he's clearly in trouble.