As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018

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Part One

Twins Citizenship
Brothers up in arms. Well, the twins themselves aren't upset that only one has been granted U.S. citizenship, because they're toddlers — but one of their fathers is suing the State Department over a policy he says discriminates against same-sex couples. 

No More Deaths Arrest
A humanitarian group in Arizona posts videos of border patrol agents knocking over water jugs left for migrants in the desert — and 8 hours later, one of the group's volunteers is arrested. 

Jeff Koons France
Up, up and away, with your not-so-beautiful balloons. Jeff Koons' colourful sculpture of a hand holding inflated-looking flowers, is a memorial to victims of terror in Paris — but French artists have a deflating response. 

Part Two

Highway Birth
While her parents were on the road to her intended birthplace, a girl named Mila decided she wasn't into the whole "hospital" vibe — so she was born in the car. 

Hugh Masekela Obit 
Horn of Africa. From the start of his career, and through thirty years in exile, the late, legendary Hugh Masekela used his trumpet, and his voice, to bravely call for change in South Africa. 

Part Three

Dead Sea Scrolls
Their painstaking work involved reconstructing an ancient document that was written in code from tiny scraps, without any guide as to how to do it. But now, Israeli researchers have deciphered one of the last un-read manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

Music Teacher
After it was picked up by a British conservatory, Nova Scotia music teacher's composition will be taught to piano students across the ocean. Which is impressive, because it will sit alongside work by some other pretty decent composers. Like Mozart. 

Age of Adolescence
If you're in your early twenties and living at home, and your parents are, like, on your case about doing stuff or whatever, good news: according to new science, you may still actually be an adolescent.