As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018
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Part One

Idlib Latest
One year ago, we spoke to a Syrian teacher and activist who abandoned his home in Aleppo for Idlib province — and now, with pro-government forces moving in, he says he may have to run for his life again. 

Figure Skating Coach
North Korea announces it will send a delegation to the Olympics in South Korea next month — and if two figure skaters get to compete, they'll owe Montreal coach Bruno Marcotte a "merci". 

Express Lane
A Miami Herald reporter is accused of grocery misconduct for going through the express lane with too many items  — and then the judges came out of retirement to issue a decision. 

Part Two

Salvadoran Deportation
After the Trump Administration ends Temporary Protected Status for people from El Salvador, our guest will be forced to return there — after spending 18 years, and having three children, in the United States.

Daniel Ellsberg: Nukes
Washington is reportedly pondering targeted strikes, if North Korea tests any more weapons — but Daniel Ellsberg says even limited attacks could have limitless consequences. 

Part Three

California Mud
A hard rain. After suffering through wildfires, Southern California is now experiencing a deluge that's causing disastrous mudslides and flooding. We speak with a Montecito man who's just been ordered to leave his home. 

Medieval Times Show
And jousters for all. For the first time, a woman has the lead role in a production of Medieval Times — and tonight, the woman who would be queen explains what it's like to preside over the knight shift.