As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition
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Part One

Gillibrand Tweets
On Twitter, Donald Trump viciously attacks Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand — but our guest says all the name-calling has backfired, and improved the Senator's name recognition. 

Labrador Mayor
After accidentally shooting himself in the head, the mayor of a Labrador town manages to flag down help — and now, residents of Happy Valley-Goose Bay are anxiously waiting for news. 

Pacifier Dog
Despite the danger Dovey the dog put herself in, she's safe now, thanks to the veterinarian who removed the 21 baby pacifiers he'd consumed. 

Part Two

Cat Person
It's not a cat meme, a cat .gif, or a cat video, but the New Yorker short story "Cat Person" has gone viral — suggesting something about its depiction of a horrific date has hit a nerve.  

New Brunswick Thrush
They're not the paparazzi — too quiet and polite — but dozens of people with cameras have camped out by a New Brunswick man's property for a candid shot of a flighty celebrity: the extremely rare mistle thrush. 

Old Map
Unicorns and mermen aren't the types of creatures you'd expect to see on a modern map — or anywhere really. But there they are, on a 16th-century map by a cartographer named Urbano Monte. And now, for the first time, all the pages have been put together digitally. 

Part Three

No-Fly List
An Ontario university student has struggled with air travel, because he shares a name with someone on the no-fly list — and that inspired him to calculate how many Canadians are in the same boat in terms of planes

Reading: Bone Button Borscht 
Soup's on! Today is the first day of Hanukkah, which means that it's time for an annual As It Happens tradition: Barbara Budd's classic reading of the story Bone Button Borscht