As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Thursday, Dec. 5, 2017
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Episode transcript

Part One

IOC Russia
The IOC bans Russia from competing at next year's Olympics — but a Russian sports reporter says that, when it comes to denying wrongdoing, the Kremlin will stay on track. 

Irish Border
In negotiations over Brexit, there's still no deal to keep the Irish border open — which is a serious concern for those who rely on that soft boundary, and remember how hard things once were.  

Academic Harassment 
After lots of sexual misconduct accusations against high-profile men, our guest believes it's high time that harassers in higher education were brought low. 

Part Two

Bears Ears National Monument
Two enormous, federally-protected pieces of land in Utah will shrink due to the U.S. President's latest decree — but our guest, and members of other tribes, will not shrink from a legal fight. 

Nova Scotia Book Event 
A Nova Scotia writer shares her concern after her book-signing in a small town is cancelled — after the subject of the book, a pulp mill, suggests employees express their discontent.

Part Three

Babcock Trial
A jury may decide Dellen Millard doesn't just have a fool for a client -- he has a murderer. The Ontario man is on trial, accused of killing Laura Babcock. He chose to not have a lawyer defend him — and today, representing himself, he gave his rambling closing arguments. 

Victoria Cross Auction
She was hoping to get her grandfather's Victoria Cross medal back at auction today, but it sold for $420,000 — so why is Lesley Kerr smiling?