As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017
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Episode transcript

Part One

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Resigns
Will his country move forward — and can he go back? After a thirty-seven-year reign, Robert Mugabe resigns as president of Zimbabwe — and tonight, a Zimbabwean in exile hopes he'll be able to return. 

Net Neutrality
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission unveils a plan that would help the telecom giants by rolling back net neutrality regulations — and one FCC commissioner thinks that's a colossal error. 

Divining Rods
Divining intervention. That method of finding water — using a divining rod, which is, you know, a stick -- is obviously hogwash; so why, a British scientist wonders, are so many water companies in the UK still using it? 

Part Two

Bill Morneau Pensions
Two months ago, a retired Canada Post worker delivered a letter to the ethics commissioner, asking her to investigate conflict-of-interest allegations against the Finance Minister — so why did it go unanswered for so long? 

Bird Watcher 
Everyone's crowing about the achievement of one Ontario bird-watcher, who set a new record for seeing the most bird species in one year — making him the lord of the wings. 

Part Three

Auditor General: Phoenix
Auditor General Michael Ferguson says Canadians are nowhere near the end of the federal government's Phoenix fiasco: fixing the pay system will take years, and hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Free Beer Game
For drinkers at one Wisconsin bar, no score was a total score. At the Bavarian Bierhaus, you get free beer until the Green Bay Packers score. So Sunday's shutout — the first in more than a decade — meant the place got pretty draft-y.