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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017
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Part One

Airbus Bombardier
After Bombardier faces sky-high tariffs from the U.S., Airbus steps in to gives the company's C-Series jets a lift — but some Quebec politicians wonder who will really benefit. 

Quebec face covering
The Quebec government is getting ready to ban burqas for anyone receiving a public service — and our guest says she's tired of the veiled threats against Muslim women's veils. 

Fish kisser 
Sam Quilliam of Southampton, England, shares his harrowing tale of smooching the Dover sole he'd caught — and then suffering a cardiac arrest when that troubled sole leaped into his mouth, and down his throat. 

Part Two

Houston rescue
A Houston man was stuck at the bottom of a manhole for nine days — and Jason Abeldano is the firefighter who rescued him. 

Kirkuk update
First they took Kirkuk. Now Iraqi forces are pushing deeper into Kurdish-controlled territory — but a Kurdish general says his people are still ready to fight for independence. 

Part Three

Toronto Harris house
Toronto historian Ellen Scheinberg tells us about the search for one particular property depicted in a Lawren Harris painting — and what she learned about the history of the place once she found it.

Drone plane strike 
The first collision between a commerical plane and a drone in Canada left no one hurt, but the national chair of the Canadian Federal Pilots' Association warns that's simply luck and more needs to be done to reign in drone operators.