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After D.C. guy books 6 dates in 1 night, the women ditch him and become friends

A Washington, D.C., man lined up six dates in the same night at the same bar — but the women quickly caught on. As It Happens spoke to dates 1 and 5.
The women decided to drink together after they discovered they all had dates with the same man. (Lisette Pylant/Twitter)

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A Washington, D.C., bachelor named Justin got a lot more than he bargained for when he sextuple-booked himself for the evening — and all six of his dates found out. 

As the women began to catch on, they started warning each other about the man, and by the evening's end, they all ended up drinking together at the bar across the street. 

Two of the women, Lisette Pylant and Alex Woody, spoke with As It Happens guest host Rosemary Barton about how the night unfolded.

Here is part of their conversation: 

Lisette, at what point did you realize that you were one of six people on a date?

LP: I realized I was date No. 1 when Kristen walked into the bar and Justin immediately introduced me as his friend.

Alex, where were you in the date lineup?

AW: I was No. 5. So I showed up and texted him. I had gotten there early, and he said he was at his friend's house in the neighbourhood, while he was really still on date 4 outside the bar.

So I was standing outside waiting and there was a guy that came out of the bar and said to me, "Can you believe it? There's a guy in there on his fourth date tonight."

So he told me about the date numbers 1  through 3, across the street at the bar, so I went over there to meet them before actually going to meet the guy.

So at this point, Lisette, you had found the … other women, and you had gone to a different bar?

LP: So date No. 4 was still at the bar, and me, Kristen, Raven and Alex were across the street hanging out together.

And what was your role in this? Did you start warning the women? What did you do?

LP: Basically, as soon as Kristen walked in and he introduced me as a friend, I didn't want to embarrass her. 

So I just waited for him to walk away, and then as soon as he walked away, I was like, "Hey, like, are you on a date with this guy? 'Cause I think I'm also on a date with this guy. And if we're both on dates with this guy, we should probably just go get drinks together."

And she was OK with that, obviously.

LP: Yeah, she was like, "That sounds great. This guy seems like a jerk."

And then he came back and we all chatted a little bit more and he got up again and walked, I think, to the bathroom maybe, and that's when Raven came in.

And we're like, "You're not here for Justin, are you?"

And she was like, "Yeah."

And we were like, "Oh great. So are we. Do you want to come with us? We're going to go get drinks somewhere else."

She had just ordered a drink and so we all agreed we were just going to sit there and finish our drinks and make it awkward for him, and then all just leave together.

So that had all happened before you walked in the door, Alex. Did you go in and meet Justin even though you knew you were date No. 5?

AW: He would have been 15 minutes late for the date, so I messaged him a picture of all four of us at the other bar and I said, "Oh, I found your first three dates! You should come grab a drink with us."

I sent that and then I walked over to the the bar and I waited for date No. 4 to stand up. And when she stood up, I introduced myself to him and said, "Hey Justin, I'm your date No. 5!"

And he looked at me and said, "Oh, you're already cut."

I felt like I was on the next MTV show.

Or like The Bachelorette.

AW: I got cut before I even started.

And when he realized you had all caught on and that you were all now going to hang out together, what was his reaction?

AW: He didn't think he did anything wrong.

LP: Yeah, he didn't seem very concerned with any repercussions.

Tell me, is it that bad in Washington, D.C., that there's so few men that ... [laughs]

LP: Honestly, you can't ghost people in this town and you just have to assume that, like, if you don't know someone, someone else you know does. Because it took, what? Like three hours for me to be trending in Washington, D.C.

Because you did live-tweet the whole event.

LP: Yeah, it's a small town to try to keep a secret.


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