As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Part One

LNG cancelled
As Petronas pulls the plug on its multi-billion dollar Pacific NorthWest natural gas project, we hear from a business owner in the BC gas-patch who says her community's feeling burned. 

Mud soldier
An artist in London explains why her statue to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of a murderous First World War campaign is sculpted from mud that will gradually wash away in the rain. 

"All of Garden" blogger
Vino Malone loves the food at the Olive Garden so much, he started a blog about his dining experiences there. Then he got a cease and decist letter from the chain. 

Part Two

Vine robot
A mechanical engineer describes the soft robot his team has developed and his hope that it will be able to save human lives, by growing its way through fallen rubble like a plant. 

Labrador roads 
A Labrador mayor warns that if his province doesn't start fixing up the region's painfully potholed roads, his town's going to separate and join Quebec.