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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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Part 1 

Toronto Officer Charged

First, a shocking attack. Now, the shocking suspect: a Toronto police officer is charged in the brutal assault of a 19-year-old man, who was left seriously injured after being beaten with a pipe. 

Bury Me, My Love

A new video game gives players a first-person view of the refugee crisis -- tonight, the designer explains how he collaborated with one Syrian migrant to make it a virtual reality.

Hot Tub Lamb 

Strapping on the sous vide  bag. Our guest blows off steam by preparing a meal in an enormously weird way -- and tonight, he'll tell us how he cooked an entire lamb in a hot tub. And also, hopefully, why.

$800 Birkenstocks

Drawing a line in the sandals. The makers of the popular-but-unglamorous footwear known as Birkenstocks may have put their foot in it by selling a pair that looks pretty much the same as yours -- but costs 800 bucks. 

Part 2 

Alberta Child Deaths

Three children dead. Three mothers charged. And Alberta's children's advocate is calling on the province to protect kids, when they're taken out of care, and returned to the family home. 

Stolen Cheese 

When their prize-winning cheddars are stolen from an agriculture show, British cheesemakers issue a reward to anyone who can help them clear the dairy air.