As It Happens

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

episode transcript

Part One

Jeff Sessions testimony
There are no major bombshells in Jeff Sessions' testimony before a Senate committee, but tension continues to simmer — because of the answers he gave, and the answers he didn't. 

Raqqa civilians
As fighting intensifies for control of the Syrian city of Raqqa, residents are caught between two deadly choices: cross a minefield to flee, or stay put and risk being killed by airstrikes.

Kevin Durant's mom
After Kevin Durant leads the Golden State Warriors to an NBA title, and is named MVP of the finals to boot, we'll speak with the person who helped him find order on the court: his mother, Wanda. 

Part Two

Italy olive trees
They couldn't extend an olive branch if they wanted to. The European Union slams Italy, because it's failing to take the appropriate steps to stop a spreading disease that's killing olive trees — or any steps at all. 

Troll cakes
A Brooklyn company will track down the troll who sent you that mean tweet — and then send your tormentor a cake with the troll's nasty words written on top. 

Part Three

Slavery prof
A professor at the University of Tennessee loses her job after a dispute with a student over a quiz question on the effect of slavery on black families. 

Hot planet 
We'll journey to the newly-discovered distant planet KELT-9b, which is so hot we've singed our eyebrows just mentioning it.