As It Happens: Tuesday edition

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
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Part One

Garbage island
Scientists arrive on a remote island in the South Pacific to discover it's been trashed — not by human inhabitants, by tens of millions of pieces of plastic humans have chucked into the ocean. 

Rona Ambrose leaving politics
Interim Conservative Party leader Rona Ambrose officially announces that she'll be resigning her seat and leaving politics — and today, she brought down the House. 

Trump shares classified intel
After reports that the U.S. president revealed classified information to Russian officials, a former CSIS agent tells us what that disclosure might mean for intelligence-sharing and Canadians. 

Charity bookshop
A Welsh charity bookstore has so many donated copies of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" it's having trouble balancing the books. 

Part Two

Police accidental fentanyl overdose
When an Ohio beat cop catches two suspects with fentanyl, he accidentally comes into contact with trace amounts of the stuff — and his brush with the powder causes a brush with death.  

Passengers' Bill of Rights
Ottawa says its Passengers' Bill of Rights will set new standards for air travel in Canada — but our guest warns us not to unfasten our seatbelts and relax just yet.   

Part Three

Senator Greene Trudeau dinner
Nova Scotia Senator Stephen Greene says he's been booted out of the Conservative caucus because of a dinner date. And what's eating his former party is who he's eating with: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Jagmeet Singh enters federal NDP leadership race
Ontario NDP'er is joining the federal party's leadership race. He'll tell us why he thinks he can take on Trudeau.