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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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UK snap election

Faster than a speeding ballot. After British Prime Minister Theresa May calls a surprise snap election, a Labour Party member predicts her haste will lay waste to the opposition. 

Toronto housing prices

Home stretched. Toronto's mayor joins provincial and federal ministers in promising to cool the city's overheated housing market -- but a Vancouver prof says a whole generation of young people have already been burned. 

Ziggy winery 

And...what if they can't decant? At a family vineyard in BC, the owners named their dog after a grape, and then named a wine after their dog -- but that name is "Ziggy", and a Canadian grocery giant does not like the pairing. 


Strike paper awards

A striking resemblance. In fact, the newspaper set up by journalists on strike from the Halifax Chronicle Herald doesn't just look like a "real" newspaper -- it's now nominated for twice as many awards as the Chronicle Herald itself. 

Elena Melashina

​Don't ask, don't tell. To report a story on the brutal abuse of gay men in Chechnya, Russian journalist Elena Melashina  did both -- and now she's under threat, and preparing to flee her home country. 


Feature interview: OMAR EL AKKAD

​The debut novel by Canadian journalist Omar El Akkad is a work of speculative fiction that imagines a not-too-distant future in which the United States is once again engulfed in civil war.