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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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Part One

Syria: Russia
With a Moscow meeting imminent, the White House applies more pressure to convince Russia to stop supporting Bashar al-Assad, but our guest says Vladimir Putin will not be moved — at least, not like this. 

Michael Ignatieff
Hungary's PM, Viktor Orban, has targeted one particular university for destruction — which has plunged the head of that school, Michael Ignatieff, back into the political fray. 

United Airlines follow-up
As the American airline struggles to deal with a PR catastrophe, we'll get in touch with a man whose nasty experience really struck a chord: the guy who wrote "United Breaks Guitars" after United broke his guitar. 

Part Two

Libya migrant slavery
New revelations from African migrants leaving their homes to cross the Mediterranean — who say they've been sold as slaves by people-smugglers and militia groups in Libya. 

Banned graphic novel
The Canadian graphic novel "This One Summer" has been singled out for praise — but in the U.S., it's also been singled out for banning by people who find its candid content pretty sketchy.

Part Three

"The Story of Us": Annapolis Royal mayor
Today, the CBC has apologized to anyone who's been offended by the series "The Story of Us". But the mayor of one Nova Scotia town says that's not enough. So he's developing a show of his own to set the record straight. 
Coral bleaching follow-up 
New data reveals that most of Australia's Great Barrier Reef is now damaged — which is even worse than most of the worst-case scenarios.